location ''the internet."

"Our location is everywhere,  the internet is a society with many flavors and we are one of them."

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What we engage in

"We can accomplish anything with teamwork and the right material or knowledge." 
From anywhere to MAC, gaming consoles, P.C, mobile, test hacking [hack proofing namebrand websites] ETC. and many other topics unalike to hacking.

What you can do

In general joining and supporting, if you are a person with a good reputation of hacking software, or any other knowledge that you think would apply, you would enjoy this group - C.L.A.N.N

Upcoming events

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Public events:
N/A. 10.02.2020
N/A. 10.03.2020
N/A. 10.04.2020

Registered/Classified events:


Send an email to [email protected] with the #22 from there instructions will be given. 

 Will there be a reward.

Of course but thats also classified.

Is there a risk in joining 

100%  not, this is just a group of coders that are very quiet when it comes to risking things.

Is there any coverage 

Yes its almost like insurance in a different way. (in other words your covered)