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Terms and condition

Terms and condition
WGC.TPS Liability
We are only responsible for our part of action in your case, any form of action forced by you or corruptible choice decided by you to interfere while we investigate your case, thus leaves the WGC.TPS not liable or to be the blame for your action(s) giving WGCBH.TPS the choice to either opt out of your case or continue your case which is now under intense probation giving you the choice to decide on whether you want your case to be continued now under high probation regulations or to not take part. By not participating in your case this will close down your case entirely. The grace period of reopening your case will last within 30 days after the case termination has been confirmed by the victim/client only if WGC.TPS has NOT opted out and client decides to re-open their case, this procedure can only happen twice. After using both chances of closing and re-opening your case you will no longer be eligible to re-open a case/your case with WGCBH.TPS due malicious acts and several reasons.

Rules of interaction
We are to not take any action to a physical extent, all our action(s) proceed ONLINE and ONLINE ONLY thus meaning if we have to meet your case requirements with/or results in person to person contact or physical social interaction your case will temporarily be kept in record(disclosed to government officials IF it is demanded by them FIRST) closed and terminated.

The Privacy act
Under all conditions we will NEVER share any identifiable information or personal information about you or your case to the public this information will be strictly between the WGC.TPS and its client/victim(YOU) not unless it is asked for by government officials or decided by the WGC.TPS to turn your case over to registered/certified government officials ONLY if you are in a very hazardous situation or in danger of severe jeopardy that is out of our extent or level of control.

Acceptance of your case
Under all circumstances after your case has been reviewed and approved by WGC.TPS officials, we have the FULL right to accept or deny your case, in such situations due to various stated reasons, we do not need to state to our client and notify them of the reason why the case was not denied or denied, we WILL notify them if their case was either rejected or accepted.

Time and caution of proceeding with your case.
After submitting your issue/case you will automatically be notified that your query has reached us(during this process it may take a certain amount of time for WGC.TPS officials to reply), asking YOU to fill out specific information on your case to verify that you are a citizen from such nation(s) and thus moving forward we will not ask for anything other than basic personal information for example: your real name or date of birth etc. we will NOT ask for your credit card or any absurd remarks, everything we ask will ONLY be related to your case issue and case ONLY thus to gain a deeper understanding of your problem and how we can solve and help YOU/our client/victim. Our response depends on the severity or depth of your case as we gain a secure ground before entering or making our first contact with you for a best outcome and co-operation.

The price.
Currently all we ask for is your gratitude and support all of this is free and out of heart, at the MOMENT, this was decided by ALL the members of the WGC.TPS if there are any changes and WGC.TPS decides to add a cost we will notify all individuals/clients and website visitors. All in one understanding, this is all FREE of cost and we do not ask or are in favor for any of our client(s)/victim(s)/your money.

Age and comprehension
Preferably 12+ and up only DUE to the reason that there is no set limits to who can access the internet/technology, as long as you are able to comprehend and explain your situation correctly we will make sure to aid you as best as we can in your case, at any moment if you fail to achieve these tasks/requirements we have the right to close and terminate your case. we are here to help everyone no matter the age or disability.

Failure to cooperate with the terms and conditions
Failure to agree with the terms and conditions will result in failure for WGC.TPS to co-operate with its clients/victims avoiding any contact or form of interaction.

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           Thank you for reading our terms and conditions whether your  a                              new comer just exploring or client in need of help we hope our                                                       services met your satisfaction.